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Trauma Care International Foundation organizes a Child Safety Awareness Campaign for High Schools in the Lagos Island, Nigeria


Every year you prepare for your annual vacation with so much anticipation and excitement. You take care of your airfare, car rentals, and purchase new outfits to wear. The day finally arrives and you dash off to the airport anticipating relaxation on the beach without even considering keeping your home safe while away. It would be nice to have someone guard your house while you’re away. But for most of us, we leave our homes vacant when we go on vacation. It’s of utmost importance to keep your home safe while away on vacation. Below are some tips.

➤Lawn Care: Your lawn speaks a lot about whether you are home or not.If it’s overgrown, it signals vacancy...

If available, what should you always try and wear when treating wounds and bleeding?

A)Nothing at all
B)A funny hat
C) Gloves
D) A gas mask

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