Understanding What You Eat


Understanding What You Eat

April 19, 2017

Making healthy food choices has become harder with so many unhealthy foods flooding the market. The following tips will help you make healthier choices by showing important features to note on packaged food items.

1) Does it have a nutrition information panel? This is the simplest way to know foods with less salts, added sugars and saturated fats. You can use this to compare between similar packages to decide the healthier option.

2) Note the ingredients list. This usually shows the ingredients from the largest to smallest quantity. Usually if the product contains high saturated fats, salts or sugar it would be stated among the top three ingredients.

3) Check the nutrition content claims. For example, low sugar, this could help

guide you but it is important to still note the total energy, as a product could be low in fat for example and still have a high total energy content.

4) Check the health claims if any. Usually, this links the food or particular substance in the food to a health effect.

5) Examine the percentage daily intake. This gives an idea of the nutrients in a serving of the product as a percentage of what an individual is to take daily.