Basic Steps For Inspecting Your Electrical Equipment

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Basic Steps For Inspecting Your Electrical Equipment

May 15, 2017

It is always important to carry out routine visual inspections of your electrical equipment to check its

condition. This would help to prevent electrical and mechanical hazards. Here are quick tips for basic

visual inspection:

1) Switch off the equipment and unplug it before you start your inspection

2) Check that the plug is not damaged and no internal wires exposed

3) Damaged cables should be replaced by a competent individual

4) Check that the outer cover of the equipment is not damaged or internal components exposed

5) Check for signs of overheating, such as stains or burn marks

6) Properly position wires so they are less likely to be damaged

If you are concerned or not certain of the safety of your equipment, stop its use and get a competent

person to do a proper inspection.